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New challenges and opportunities arise every day in the Greek pharmaceutical market. Pharmaceutical companies need to be flexible and effective in the way they approach both the medical and the pharmaceutical community so that they respond efficiently to the new reality. It is therefore essential for pharmaceutical companies to have a partner by their side whom they can trust, who will help them respond to the new era’s high demands and who will contribute to the short-term as well as to the long-term success of their products.

Detailing Solutions

We offer detailing solutions and cover the medical specialties and geographic areas that our clients need.

Direct Sales to Pharmacies

We offer sales solutions to the companies that need to grow and enhance their presence in the pharmacies.

Outsourcing Solutions

We offer outsourcing solutions, giving our clients the ability to reinforce their business model.

Sales Force Solutions

Our clients can choose between a dedicated (single company) or a syndicated (multiple companies) field force.

Sales Team Training

We offer training programs and assist sales teams improve their effectiveness.

We Grow


“Pharmaceutical sales, whether talking about medical detailing or direct sales to pharmacies, don’t have to do only with the size of the sales team or the number of med-reps who communicate a product and its features.

They have to do mostly with fresh ideas, break-through methods and implementable solutions that convert healthcare professionals to “ambassadors” of specific products and treatments, always to the patient’s benefit.

This is our goal. To offer solutions and implement sales strategies that will help pharmaceutical companies stand out, differentiate and overcome the difficulties or restrictions they face in a challenging business landscape.”

Argiris Mantzafos

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