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Medical Sales Rep Recruitment (Part 2): How to optimize the hiring process to select top talent.

In our previous article, we explored the fundamental steps necessary for implementing an effective medical representative selection process. These steps included identifying key characteristics exhibited by top-performing salespeople and using them as benchmarks for hiring. In this article, we will delve into additional strategies that companies can employ to further enhance their ability to select […]

Medical Sales Rep Recruitment: Implementing an effective selection process for better results.

For most organizations, recruiting plays a pivotal role in driving sales effectiveness, even though it remains one of the most challenging aspects to execute effectively. Several sales leaders think their companies have mastered recruitment, while others may consider it as less important compared to other SFE (sales force effectiveness) drivers. Yet eventually, after comparing their top […]

The Future of the Medical Sales Profession: Challenges and Approaches in a Fast-Changing Healthcare Market.

Medical sales representatives are professionals who promote medical and health related products or services to healthcare providers, such as hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and doctors. These professionals are responsible for educating customers about the features, benefits, and usage of their products, as well as building relationships with them. In other words, medical sales reps are the […]

Medical Sales Strategies: How to Drive Doctors’ Recommendations

Medical sales are a set of activities and skills whose purpose is to influence health care professionals to recommend or prescribe a product. Whether you are in the pharmaceuticals, dermoceuticals, OTC, medical devices, or whatever business relates with patients and their health, you need to have a clearly defined strategy on how to approach physicians.

The Benefits of a Sales Pilot for Pharmaceutical Products

A sales pilot is a short-term experiment that tests a product’s sales performance or a new sales approach. The value of a sales pilot is that it’s restricted to a particular geographic area for a limited period of time and in that way, it helps sales executives to discover what works best and what doesn’t […]

The Future of Medical Sales

The profession of medical sales has clearly faced a decline during the last years, making many professionals feeling anxious about the prospect of their careers. Pharmaceutical companies of every size, cut on their medical sales teams to achieve economies and reduce their costs. Many medical reps worry that the best days of their profession are […]

How to Build a Successful Sales Team

Learning how to build a successful sales force is critical for every pharmaceutical company in order to achieve profits and win significant market shares. Without a profit generating sales team every company is destined to fail and be overtaken by competition. Therefore, all organizations who take themselves seriously must master the art of successful sales […]

Sales Force Effectiveness – A Path to Success

The Growing Importance of Sales Force Effectiveness For many years, Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE) has been an important subject of discussion among many pharmaceutical companies.  That is because the largest costs for big pharma have to do not only with research and development for new therapies but mainly with sales and marketing. Undoubtedly between these […]

Vacancy Management for Pharmaceuticals

Coping with sales force attrition and its effects is a major challenge for many pharmaceutical companies in Greece and in Europe. Even in the face of recession effective sales reps move from one company to another in hopes of a better salary, improved work environment and better prospects. Of course professional reasons are not the […]

What Makes an Exceptional Sales Rep?

Time and again I meet with pharmaceutical sales reps who either because they don’t achieve their sales quotas or because they try to find new ways to improve their already high performance, ask me or their team leaders in what areas they need to improve, how can this improvement happen and if there are any […]