Vacancy Management for Pharmaceuticals

Coping with sales force attrition and its effects is a major challenge for many pharmaceutical companies in Greece and in Europe. Even in the face of recession effective sales reps move from one company to another in hopes of a better salary, improved work environment and better prospects. Of course professional reasons are not the […]

What Makes an Exceptional Sales Rep?

Time and again I meet with pharmaceutical sales reps who either because they don’t achieve their sales quotas or because they try to find new ways to improve their already high performance, ask me or their team leaders in what areas they need to improve, how can this improvement happen and if there are any […]

Sales Force Outsourcing – MaBiCo

Many pharmaceutical companies operating in Greece decide to outsource several aspects of their operations for a number of reasons. The most common operations outsourced by pharmaceutical companies include sales (medical detailing and sales to pharmacies), promotion (merchandising, in-store promotions) and regulatory (as well as pharmacovigilance, R&D and clinical trials).

Detailing to Pharmacies

An increasing number of sales managers in Greece report to their companies incidents of pharmacists who “switch” doctors’ prescriptions and bypass their recommendations. In these cases the patients end up buying a competitive product recommended by the pharmacists instead of those recommended by the doctors. As a result the company invests in the doctors’ line […]

Med-Reps Vs Pharmacy Sales Reps: Who will take charge of pharmaceutical sales in Greece in the following years?

The pharmaceutical sales model in Greece goes through a major transition. Pharmaceutical companies need to adapt to a new business environment described by a significantly lower spending power both by the Greek National Health System and by the individual patient-consumer. Additionally the change of the prescription model and the growing importance of pharmacists have reshaped […]